VPInstruments has introduced its 3 Phase Power Meter. This newest addition to the portfolio measures true power, as it measures the voltage and current of all three phases. It provides power, voltage, current, cos(phi), and many more electrical parameters. All of these are communicated via the RS485 (Modbus RTU) interface. VPInstruments 3 Phase Power Meter is the recommended power meter for permanent measurements.      


Versatile and complete

The 3 Phase Power Meter comes in different voltage ranges to fit specific measurement applications. Models are available for single- and three-phase configurations. The 0.333 VAC CT inputs enable connection to universal current transformers. Or just rely on VPInstruments Current Transformers to complete the power measurement solution. 


  • Power consumption of compressors
  • General purpose power measurement
  • Electricity sub metering
  • Pumps, Ventilators, and many more.


  • Measures up to three phases
  • +/- 0.5% accuracy
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU) output
  • Delta or Wye types available
  • For permanent installation


Monitor compressor performance and efficiency

In most production plants, the compressed air system consumes between 10% and 25% of all electricity. Monitoring the efficiency of your compressed air equipment is key to realizing energy savings. By combining the 3 Phase Power Meter with a VPFlowScope DP flow meter, which has been installed at the discharge of the compressor, you can monitor the performance and efficiency of the compressor. Monitoring compressor performance continuously enables you to see changes in efficiency which may be due to clogged inlet filters, cooling problems, malfunctioning drains, and other maintenance issues.

The expansion of the product portfolio with this great power meter, shows VPInstruments’ insight in providing the complete monitoring solution for compressed air and industrial gases.