Sunbird Software announced the general availability of its latest Power IQ® Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Monitoring software. Release 6.2 expands Power IQ’s PDU management features to enable data center managers to bulk configure and monitor their Server Technology intelligent PDUs.


Deploy and Update Server Technology iPDUs with Fewer Clicks

In Power IQ 6.2, the bulk configuration enhancements previously available to Raritan devices can now be applied to Server Technology iPDUs. Users can bulk update firmware, passwords, IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways, SNMP settings, and trap destinations across Raritan and Server Technology iPDUs to comply with corporate security requirements and deploy new resources faster. Users can complete changes in minutes, without having to manually log in to each PDU. Information from these changes is captured in Power IQ’s audit log and can be exported to CSV or PDF for further data analysis and collaboration.


Configure Environmental Sensors with Ease

Release 6.2 also introduces temperature and humidity sensor management enhancements that allow users to easily configure multiple sensor attributes and thresholds through a single screen. Sensors can be sorted and filtered by available criteria, such as name and associated facility item, or numerically analyzed using aggregate functions. Customized views of selected data can be exported to CSV.