K2 has announced it has released new features for K2 Cloud that help enterprises quickly create intelligent process applications to transform their business. The latest release brings enterprise-grade storage functionality to SmartBox, expanded functionality for sub-workflows and SmartAssist enhancements, and further cements K2’s investment in constant innovation.

SmartBox, K2’s built-in data storage service, has been updated with enterprise-grade functionality that allows customers to securely store application-related data. These new capabilities include:

  • Row-level security: Data can be stored for many users in a single SmartBox object while restricting row-level access based on the user’s identity.
  • Dedicated schema: SmartBox business data can be kept separate from application data to meet compliance, backup and disaster recovery policies.
  • Property indexing: Indexes on SmartBox data properties can be created manually, or K2 can intelligently add them where needed, to improve performance when using those properties for searches or joins.

Developers of any skill level can create SmartBox objects through K2 Designer’s simple drag-and-drop interface, without having to engage the assistance of IT or database admins, keeping those resources focused on high-impact projects that require their unique expertise and skill. SmartBox provides a centralized repository that can be utilized across all K2 applications and is managed directly from K2’s management console.

K2 also enhanced its sub-workflow capability as K2 Cloud now makes it easier to trigger multiple sub-workflows against a list of items. This simplifies complicated logic so that even developers with basic technical skills can implement more complicated sub-workflows without requiring formal programming knowledge or training. In addition, the SmartAssist intelligent assistant within K2 continues to be enhanced in a number of areas. For example, in this latest release, start integration warning badges have been added to SmartAssist, which displays a warning badge on the Start step of a workflow in the K2 Workflow Designer if a start event has not been configured.