Why computing power needs to change

DCD Colo + Cloud

September 13, 2018

Author: Dr. Jens Struckmeier

The demand for computing power is increasing rapidly among medium-sized companies. This poses enormous challenges for company IT administrators and established data center providers. The reasons for the increasing demand lie in the general progress in digitization, networking (IoT), the constantly increasing volume of data and the disruptive blockchain technology.


The AI Mandate: To Boldly Go Where No Data Center Has Gone Before

Cisco Data Center Blog

September 10, 2018

Author: Kaustubh Das

AI and its offshoots, machine learning and deep learning, dominate Silicon Valley wallet- and mindshare. Implications for application development, management, and operations are mind-boggling.


Colos Not Raging Against the Machine

Vertiv Blog

August 30, 2018

Author: Peter Lambrecht 

Thirty percent of data centres that fail to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) by 2020, will ‘cease to be operationally and economically viable.’


Software Tools Help Mission Critical Data Center Teams Maintain a Healthier Work/Life Balance

Schneider Electric Data Center Blog

August 9, 2018

Author: Abby Gabriel 

For most data center and network administrators, life has not been easy over the last several years. Work demands that stem from supporting 24/7 mission critical data center environments have made maintaining a sensible work/life balance nearly impossible. 


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