UL has been certifying a majority of the equipment used in the data center space including mechanical, electrical and fire protection for the past 30 years. With this amount of market share in the data center industry, manufacturers have been requesting to become involved with the new UL Cloud Certification program that is gaining interest throughout both hyperscale clients as well as colo-wholesale data center service providers on a national basis. The UL Cloud Certification program allows you to get closer to your colo-wholesale and hyperscale clients, while also helping them save money.

UL is continuing the momentum by leveraging relationships within the industry to create a UL Channel Partner Program to further collaborate with the data center community.

The new Channel Partner Program encompasses equipment manufacturers, architects/engineers, VAR’s, contractors, and consultants. As a UL Cloud Channel Partner, you will act as the client relationship manager (CRM) throughout the certification process, strengthening skill sets that differentiate you from your competition.

Aligning yourself with UL demonstrates loyalty to your customer base while also increasing revenue for your company. “The program is open to all, including individuals as well as corporations as partners,” states Neil Lakomiak, business development director for UL. See Neil’s guest column on page 14.



With recent press releases of new UL Cloud Certifications, it appears that the Chicago market will be the first data center industry market to achieve UL Cloud Certification. Chicago ranks third in data center development, building over 100MW of new data center construction this year. New data center construction includes Stream Data Centers, Coresite, Iron Mountain, T5, Raging Wire, Cyrus One, and Digital Realty Trust. It is anticipated that these new data centers will apply for UL Cloud Certification.

Currently, Illinois is developing a new tax incentive program (HB5229) in which data center developers will receive tax incentives during construction and operations. This will equate to millions of dollars in capital relief over time. The Cloud Certification Standard UL 3223 is a written baseline of design within the new Illinois statute. Becoming certified to this standard, creates an instant ROI through construction tax savings. HB5229 is anticipated to be voted on prior to November’s election.

QTS Chicago recently announced that they are the first existing data center to be UL Cloud Certified for 40MW of hyperscale ready space. The second UL Cloud Certification is for new construction for Iron Mountain’s Manassas, VA1 Data Center. Additionally, Risk Management from the major hyperscalers are in investigation using UL 3223 as a baseline for comparison when evaluating wholesale data centers. Keep tune for more press releases in the near future.