The Datacenter Group (TDCG) has established an advisory board. The chairman of this new board is Job Witteman, former CEO and founder of one of the largest internet exchanges in the world; the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). This names the first member of the board.

The advisory board was compiled by TDCG management to serve as a sounding board and think-tank in the areas of strategy and organization, among others. Siemon van den Berg, CEO at TDCG, is pleased with the new advisory board: “We’ve experienced extreme growth in recent years, and so have our ambitions and goals. We spoke to several people from our data center ecosystem, including Job Witteman. He really put the Netherlands on the map by founding the AMS-IX, and has subsequently built a large network. In addition, he is an experienced and driven entrepreneur for whom the cloud- and internet sector holds no secrets. This makes him a particularly suitable candidate for the chairman position.”

The Datacenter Group BHAG

TDCG has formulated her ambitions with the help of a BHAG. This can best be described as a large, inspiring and bold long-term goal. For TDCG it states that they wish to be the largest independent datacenter player in the Netherlands by 2025, with ten locations spread across the country. Witteman – who resigned his position with AMS-IX last year – would like to help TDCG reach this goal. “I’m honored to be a part of this advisory board. I will be providing solicited as well as unsolicited advice based on my experience, and will stimulate and inspire with the aim to push TDCG ever closer to its end goal,” says the former AMS-IX CEO.

Dream team
Van den Berg does not yet wish to reveal who will make up the other members of the advisory board: “What we can tell you is that the board will consist of a maximum of five members, of which one seat has now been filled by Witteman. We aspire to acquire a wide variety of knowledge and expertise within the board. This will provide TDCG with a group of senior advisors to help us stay on track.”