Equus Compute Solutions has announced that David Arndt, director, Virtualization Solutions will be presenting an Intel Tech Talk at the VMworld 2018 show in Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday, August 29th  from 12:00-12:30 pm in the Intel booth #1212. Arndt’s Tech Talk topic is titled “Open-Hardware Platforms for Cost-Optimized Data Centers.” The presentation will describe how to use Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPU-based open-hardware servers and storage platforms to optimize costs in data center and hyper-converged infrastructures.

VMworld attendees will learn how to customize open-hardware platforms for high-performing VMware virtualization solutions, V-sphere hybrid cloud workloads, and cost-effective vSAN software-defined data center configurations. Open-hardware servers provide new levels of security and control using OpenBMC and LinuxBoot. These servers utilize OCP slots that support multivendor cards including Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapters and SSD/NVMe storage modules. OCP networking supports NC-SI based in-band network management that reduces costs, cabling, complexity, and separate Ethernet switches. Leveraging the open-hardware experience of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and other “big guys”, organizations of all sizes can now use these platforms to meet their exact requirements while optimizing their spend.