Power protection for Mission Critical IT in data center, industrial, and facilities environments is vital to operations and revenue. The ZincFive UPS Model 48-3-208 is a 6kW to 48kW, three phase, 208VAC system design delivering industry leading performance, safety, and simplicity in operation. It combines ZincFive’s transformational nickel-zinc batteries with state-of-the-art modular
inverter technology to create an advanced UPS.

Nickel-zinc batteries are the ideal batteries for UPS backup, surpassing volatile lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries across multiple critical parameters. They are less hazardous and more powerful than lead-acid, safer than lithium-ion and environmentally friendly. The ZincFive UPS provides a compelling alternative to lead-acid and lithium-ion based UPS solutions.

The ZincFive UPS enables a distributed deployment model with a compact, power-dense, lightweight system that empowers users to place the UPS closer to the load. The scalable and modular system design enables the strategic use of capital to deploy
power protection only in the amount needed on a just-in-time basis. This provides fl exible deployment options and timing to better manage and plan power protection assets.