Host in Ireland has announced the release of its report, “Ireland’s Data Hosting Industry 2018 Q2 Update.”  According to the report, momentum in investment in Ireland’s data centre industry continues to grow with more than €1 billion of new projects announced over the past three months. The research study, created by Host in Ireland in collaboration with Bitpower, builds on the baseline set out in the 2017 report, addressing the sustainability of the Irish data industry.

With Apple’s decision not to progress with its €850 million data centre investment in Athenry, County Galway, Ireland, there was concern that the impact of the decision would affect Ireland’s ability to attract continued investment in data centres. However, the 2018 Q2 Update report indicates that 10 new data halls were announced between April and June 2018, and that in total more than €1 billion will be spent in the construction and operation of the facilities with an initial €500m being spent over the next three years. Additionally, eight new data centres are in construction with a further 12 having received planning permission. Moreover, data centres in Ireland have employed 5,700 people in full-time positions between construction and operational roles while generating €1.6 billion direct and €2.6 billion in indirect economic benefits to Ireland since 2010.

“Ireland’s contribution to the global data centre industry continues to grow with demand increasing for Irish companies, skills and expertise to lead projects across the U.S., Europe and Asia cementing our position as a global industry player,” explains Garry Connolly, founder and CEO, Host in Ireland.  “As the Ireland Data Hosting 2018 Q2 report shows, Ireland remains attractive as a country at the forefront of an industry that is building modern digital infrastructure, and data hosting has evolved to become one of the pillars for attracting foreign direct investment into the country.”

To download a copy of “Ireland’s Data Hosting Industry 2018 Q2 Update,” click here.