CoreSite Realty Corporation has announced that it will be launching an enhanced Open Cloud Exchange platform, utilizing Ciena’s Blue Planet® Multi-Domain Service Orchestrator (MDSO). The enhanced Open Cloud Exchange platform, which is expected to be fully operational in early July, will provide CoreSite customers with improved functionality and additional features, including support for single port connections to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, enhanced capacity management capabilities, support for 100Gbps connections, and robust API functionality.

The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange is the company’s fastest growing interconnection product, providing customers with direct access to leading public and private cloud providers, along with network and solution providers, including AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Alibaba Cloud, Faction and PacketFabric. The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange is available across all 8 of CoreSite’s markets and is a high-performance interconnection platform that enables enterprises and service providers to optimize hybrid and multi-cloud network architectures. CoreSite is a unique data center provider based on its direct connectivity partnerships to leading service providers and ability to support both fiber and Ethernet based interconnection.

Ciena’s Blue Planet MDSO is an open and vendor-agnostic software solution that allows network operators and enterprises to rapidly create, deploy, and automate the end-to-end provisioning of network services spanning the WAN, data center, and cloud. Within the redesigned Open Cloud Exchange platform, Blue Planet will enable CoreSite’s customers to dynamically and rapidly interconnect to a variety of cloud service providers via an on-demand portal. Additionally, with Blue Planet’s network automation capabilities, Open Cloud Exchange will provide customers the ability to adjust bandwidth to a particular cloud service provider to match fluctuating demands.

“Innovative data center providers like CoreSite understand the benefit of leveraging advanced software solutions to not only reduce network complexity and costs, but to help accelerate service delivery and provide a best-in-class customer experience. Ciena’s Blue Planet solution accomplishes these goals by providing software control and intelligent automation capabilities that will enable CoreSite’s network providers to truly adapt to rapidly changing IT environments,” said Kailem Anderson, vice president of software and services at Ciena.

"We are excited to work with Ciena’s world class development team to create for our customers an exceptional Open Cloud Exchange upgrade to provide our customers innovative ways to efficiently and effectively customize and optimize their network architecture,” said Brian Warren, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering at CoreSite. “This new platform will provide our customers with the ability to quickly adapt to new demands, while maintaining full self-service control of network transformation.”