Compass Datacenters' BitBox platform has been selected to serve as the foundation for the management of EdgeMicro's Mobile Edge Data Centers. EdgeMicro is deploying its infrastructure in an initial rollout of 30 cities, with aggressive plans to scale to hundreds of sites in North America and a roadmap for thousands of global deployments. The BitBox platform enables companies to monitor and manage distributed IT infrastructure through a unified system.

EdgeMicro, which was launched in 2017, operates in the "edge" colocation space. "We have a patent pending for an 'Edge Exchange' technology, which facilitates interconnection between mobile operators and network/application provider services, anywhere within the mobile operators' network," explains Anton Kapela, CTO of EdgeMicro. "We've also designed a Micro Data Center that provides 48kW of critical load housed in a prefabricated 8/20 module."

In essence, what EdgeMicro does is act as a neutral point where colocated systems are housed at the edge. This supports low-latency applications offered by a host of content providers and facilitated by multiple telcos/carriers – all operating in the EdgeMicro edge computing solution. This allows content providers to better meet current and future wireless demands by delivering faster response times for streaming of content-rich social platforms, webpage load speeds, and IoT data processing.

EdgeMicro and Compass Edge Solutions will demonstrate the BitBox platform in an EdgeMicro data center at the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG) conference in Denver on June 25-27. The NANOG conference brings together the most influential companies and professionals shaping the future of the internet.

"We looked at a number of software platforms, and BitBox was the clear choice," said Loren Zweig, VP Operations for EdgeMicro. "It was built by a team that has been at the forefront of edge computing for years, well before it became a buzzword. They were building edge data centers before there was even a name for that kind of infrastructure, and all of that know-how has gone into an easy-to-use platform that allows us to deploy and manage our data centers anywhere."

"Our BitBox platform is designed to simplify and centralize distributed infrastructure management for providers. EdgeMicro will be using it as part of their solution for solving latency and backhaul challenges for MNOs and content providers serving mobile internet users," said Jon Trout, Managing Director of BitBox. "The BitBox platform will scale with them as EdgeMicro grows, allowing them to manage a thousand facilities with the same ease as managing their first implementations."