Legrand has unveiled its new rack-mount Infinium™ High Density (HD) Fiber Enclosure — designed to meet the flexibility of today's growing networks while implementing new features designed to simplify installation and fiber management.

The new enclosure was developed based on extensive research and interviews of industry end users, who helped shape the key features found within the enclosure. The enclosure was designed to be easy to work with — allowing for one-person installation, with a tool-less feature set, and versatile cable management options to help protect fiber at every point. In addition, new internal LED lighting in the rear, a white drawer face and removable top covers, allow for improved visibility for the technician — all while maintaining a clean and superior aesthetic.

The extensive feature set of the enclosure includes:

  • High Density Footprint: 1, 2 and 4RU enclosure options with up to 96 fibers per RU
  • Interchangeable Drawers: Swap out drawer faces to adjust from a 12-fiber to an 8-fiber base system
  • Improved Visibility: A white drawer face and integrated rear LED lights provide improved visibility in the front and rear of the enclosure
  • Better Accessibility: Removable top covers with a 60/40 split
  • Intuitive Cable Management: Rear pivot slack arms, cable attachment brackets, and front jumper management protect fiber at all points within the enclosure
  • Data Center-Friendly Packaging: Enclosure comes packaged within a "bubble bag" that is data center compliant and comes with an integrated handle for easier transportation
  • Enhanced Installation-Friendliness: Tool-less components, easy door open/close and one-person installation method allow for easy installation and management of the enclosure