Rittal and ABB have announced a new global level strategic alliance. Based on their proven partnership in the uninterruptible power distribution  business, both companies aim to expand their solutions approach for modular, secure and high-availability data center infrastructure, primarily in countries, such as North and South America, Asia and Europe.

The strategic partnership covers various solutions and services including those for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), secure edge data center solutions with fire protection, edge data centers for OEM manufacturers, scalable modular data centers in cooperation as well as new power container solutions. 

Leveraging the joint global network of sales, engineering  and service teams of both companies ABB and Rittal  intend to execute a  joint strategic approach focusing on the  conception and development of modern data centers, e.g. for edge computing.

These prefabricated and resilient data center solutions — such as the recently launched Secure Edge Data Center (SEDC) with HPE — are purpose-built for harsh industrial environments to help customers digitalize their operations, which will allow customers to run enterprise-grade IT in close proximity to their operational technology (OT) environments, machines and equipment to enable low-latency, secure and reliable digital processes.

“The enhanced global partnership with ABB provides our customers with the expertise of two global leaders in the OT and IT industry that complement each other perfectly. Our turnkey and proven solutions help companies implement the needed IT infrastructure for secure edge computing and other smart applications in order to capture the value of the digitization,” said Andreas Keiger, executive vice president global business unit IT, Rittal.”

“ABB has supplied UPS systems and electrical distribution solutions to Rittal for some time already and both companies agreed to deepen their partnership on an international level to support their growth strategies in the last few years. “Rittal not only deploys ABB UPS systems as part of their data center solutions but also leverages local ABB services to strengthen sales activities and services in local markets,” adds Lara Cortinovis, ABB’s Global product group manager power protection.

New era of decentralized computing

Modern edge data centers are essential for data-driven economies, where the Internet of Things (IoT) are generating a massive amount of data. An edge data center brings IT capacity closer to the place of data generation to enable low-latency, secure and reliable digital processes needed for many Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Proven achievements for driving digitization

Rittal and ABB look back on a successful cooperation. Joint IT reference projects include critical infrastructures, for instance the implementation of a new data center at a European airport.

Other project is the Lefdal Mine Data Center. This is a maximum security and highly energy efficiency data center for colocation services built in a decommissioned ore mine in Norway, offering an IT capacity of over 200 MW in the first phase of expansion. Here, both companies work hand in hand offering turnkey and scalable IT infrastructure for a very flexible use of IT systems.