Iron Mountain Incorporated received a pair of awards recognizing excellence in operations and sustainability efforts for its newly acquired Amsterdam data center. The awards, given out at the annual Datacloud Awards ceremony on June 12 in Monaco, were in the categories of “Circular Economy Leadership,” recognizing excellence in design for creative re-use of elements within data center operations; and “Excellence in Data Center Service Award with Local Impact,” spotlighting excellence in operations in a single, local market within EMEA, GUS, Africa, LATAM, and Scandinavia.

The Amsterdam data center campus, acquired by Iron Mountain in May 2018, has been a 100% carbon-neutral data center since its opening in 2007. The day-to-day Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) figure — a metric used to determine the energy efficiency of a data center — for this large-scale facility is 1.2. The data center, which has the potential to scale to 430,000 sq ft and 34 megawatts of power capacity, also uniquely features real-time PUE monitoring, reporting and optimization using 8,000+ power monitors inside the facility.

Iron Mountain’s data center sustainability efforts are part of the company’s global social responsibility and sustainable business practices, reflecting its heavy investment engineering capabilities (i.e. customer support teams are trained to advise on optimal configurations), technological innovation (i.e. proprietary data center modules have been deployed using indirect adiabatic cooling), and managed data center services to maximize customer satisfaction. This has paid off, stated Iron Mountain’s Amsterdam data center management, since its customer satisfaction rate (Net Promoter Score – NPS) had a value of +50 in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, with an average of +64, which is quite high.

“Since we started our carrier-neutral data center operations in Amsterdam eleven years ago, we have combined our aim for sustainability and operational excellence with the creation of professional value added data center services catering to evolving customer requirements,” said Eric Boonstra, vice president and general manager, Iron Mountain. “We truly appreciate the fact that this has not remained unnoticed in the data center market and has now been rewarded by industry experts with the Circular Economy Leadership Award and Excellence in Data Center Service award at Datacloud Europe, one of the most prestigious award shows on the European continent. After winning the ‘Best Energy Solution’ award at the Datacloud Europe event last year, we will be adding yet another two trophies to our growing trophy cabinet. Our aim for continuously achieving the highest Net Promoter Score possible has our initial focus, but this market recognition from expert judges originating from a wide variety of countries all over the world surely is quite flattering as well.”