The new Batt-Safe II battery monitoring system from C&C Power Inc., drastically reduces the rate of critical outages. This new and improved product increases preventive tactics, allowing the onsite operation to become alarmed, due to a poor preforming battery or batteries. The Batt-Safe II helps you make efficient, informed decisions when addressing battery related issues.

Designed by professional C&C Power Inc. engineers, the Batt-Safe II Monitoring system is ideally suited to operate on strings from 12 to 600 volts and can be used with any type of batteries. The monitor comes housed in an enclosure that can be mounted on top of a cabinet with integral display or can be mounted inside of a C&C Power battery cabinet with a door mount digital display. Batt-Safe II is powered from a small wall transformer and optional backup batteries are available to power the unit in case of a power outage.

New key features include:

  • An improved IFC Thermal Runaway algorithm.
  • An automatic email is sent out when attention to the battery cabinet is necessary.
  • The system now contains a graphic display of the cabinet's status without the need to open it.
  • The monitor also contains only a single AC Input and network drop, making for an easier, cleaner and less costly installation.
  • The system detects high/rising levels of ripple current, on the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and the Batt-Safe II system will alarm the user before it impacts the health of the batteries.
  • The optional Floating DC Ground fault Detection will detect very high electrical resistance shorts, and the user will be alarmed right away, before the short becomes critical.