A major global carrier has selected Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. for dark fiber infrastructure in the UK. The solution includes 1,100 miles (1,800 km) of dark fiber to connect several data centers across the UK Zayo’s UK network extends from Glasgow and Edinburgh in the north, to Birmingham and Manchester and includes dense metro fiber in London.

The global carrier is pursuing a high-capacity, low-latency infrastructure in the UK to support current bandwidth demand, grow its customer base and prepare for 5G. Zayo was selected based on its ability to provide a solution that can evolve with customer requirements, including low latency, agility and scalability. The dark fiber solution represents the first phase of a multi-phase mobile infrastructure project for the customer.

“We have a strong relationship with this carrier and have worked closely with them to provide a dark fiber solution that delivers high performance and low latency to support a growing volume of data traffic,” said Annette Murphy, managing director of Europe at Zayo. “The carrier is relying on the infrastructure as a key element of its strategic growth and densification efforts.”

Mobile operators in Europe are implementing network upgrades to accommodate unprecedented data demand from a proliferation of devices. Densifying the terrestrial network optimizes spectrum, improving capacity and performance.