Caterpillar Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to its series of Cat® generator sets designed to deliver the lowest owning and operating costs in the market. The G3512H is the third of the H-Series product line now available for operation on natural gas fuel. This generator set is currently offered at 1500 kWe power output at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

“This product was developed based on customer demands for improved return on investment for combined heat and power (CHP) and continuous electric power applications. The G3500H generator sets can be used in industrial and commercial facilities such as hospitals, data centers, manufacturing plants, and greenhouses as well as in distributed generation power plants by electric utilities,” says Mike Yohe, product definition manager.  “It will provide customers in countless applications with exceptional value; helping them reduce energy costs while continuing to provide the high reliability customers expect of the G3500 family.”

The G3512H leads the industry, with the lowest owning and operating costs in its class through improved electrical efficiency of up to 44.6% /60Hz and 44.9%/ 50Hz (ISO, 1.0 p.f.) and decreased maintenance costs. Recent product developments – including cuffed cylinder liners, updated valve stem sealing, and increased valve train lubrication – have minimized the number of maintenance events and reduced oil consumption over previous levels. Additionally, the new model features an open combustion chamber design, which allows use of a low-pressure fuel system (1.5 to 5 psi/ 10.2 to 34.5 kPa) that facilitates maximum performance on pipeline natural gas. The major overhaul period of the G3512H is 80,000 hours with an in-frame maintenance interval at 40,000 hours.

The H Series has accumulated more than 1.9 million run hours and is built on the legacy of the proven G3500 generator set platform. The G3512H generator set is easily tailored to specific applications with a wide selection of Cat SR5 generators and attachments, premium controls, exhaust options, remote annunciator modules and battery chargers. Multiple NOx emissions settings are available, including 500 mg/Nm3 (1.0 gm/bhp-hr) NOx and 250 mg/Nm3 (0.5 g/bhp-hr). With these features, the new generator set provides a robust power source that is also easy to install and commission.

Operational cost improvements are the result of the increased electrical efficiencies, which are achieved with a new long-stroke engine design that features high-compression ratio steel pistons, and a high-efficiency turbocharger and electrical generator. Performance is not compromised at higher altitudes and ambient conditions based on updated turbocharger trim options are not significantly impacted. For applications isolated from a primary electric utility, the G3512H offers industry-leading load acceptance capability.

The new generator set as well as the associated electrical and mechanical equipment required to complete a fully functional CHP plant are being sold and supported through the global Cat dealer network. The G3512H also features easy integration with building management systems, using a non-proprietary communication infrastructure from Caterpillar’s EMCP4.3 generator set controller. The expanded set of features from Caterpillar also includes a complete gas train, package-mounted air cleaners and simplified wiring connections.

The G3512H comes standard with Cat Connect capabilities, Cat Connect is a suite of services to collect and analyze data to help customers reduce owning and operating costs and increase profits.

Caterpillar is leading the power generation marketplace with continuous power systems engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.  With parts and service available globally, Caterpillar offers worldwide product support through its comprehensive service and dealer network, where technicians are trained to service every aspect of the equipment.