Future Facilities has announced that they will be demonstrating their simulation solutions for edge computing at the Connect(x) Connectivity Expo in Charlotte, NC.    

As the demand for the Internet of Things (IOT) has skyrocketed in the last year with the proliferation of connected devices, automobiles, drones and the demand for low latency on streaming video, so has the demand for edge data centers. During the Connectivity Expo in Charlotte this week, Future Facilities will demonstrate how they’re using their Virtual Facility (VF) to enhance design and operations for edge data centers, specifically facilities operated by leading provider Vapor IO which, through its Project Volutus, is building the world’s largest network of distributed edge data centers, enabling cloud providers, wireless carriers and web-scale companies to deliver cloud-based edge computing applications via a network of micro data centers.

To highlight this, on Wednesday from 12:00-5:00 p.m., Future Facilities’ Virtual Reality platform will be on display at the Connectivity Expo, providing show attendees with a virtual tour of an edge data center. Between section A and E of the expo, attendees will be able to experience a virtual reality platform that allows users to walk through the virtual prototype of an edge data center, providing a window into their IT assets, including temperature and airflow distribution within the data center.

“Future Facilities is thrilled to be at the forefront of edge data center development,” said Robert Schmidt, sales manager, Future Facilities. “Between bandwidth demands and millions of connected devices, operational integrity of edge data centers is of paramount importance and being able to experience a virtual prototype of the operations is key to ensuring this.”