Cologix, Inc., a network-neutral interconnection and data center company, needed a quality, custom solution to fit the requirements of its unique data centers, as well as provide a return on investment.

Cologix has more than 350 unique network choices and 21 prime interconnection locations, and it currently serves over 850 carrier, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services, and enterprise customers.

With a growing North American footprint across eight markets, Cologix required a high-quality and cost-effective solution to support and house structured cabling, power products, and customer IT equipment for a data center expansion in the Dallas INFOMART carrier hotel.

Cologix turned to Chatsworth Products (CPI) because of its quality, cost-effective, and custom solutions.


When planning the design of any data center, Cologix must accommodate the unique attributes of each site, including the layout of the facility, cooling inefficiencies, and the cost and quality of products.

For example, columns in the middle of the data center can make it difficult to install a standard containment system. In order to install a containment system, Cologix often requires a custom solution that works around the data center layout.

 “CPI tailors custom products for us to meet our particular needs, using good quality, durable materials to create a solid end product,” stated Matt Spencer, chief technology officer, Cologix. “Other providers we were considering couldn’t provide customization and wouldn’t bend anything to meet the unique requirements.”

It was important to Cologix to improve cooling inefficiencies and limit the loss of airflow in the aisle containment solution in the Dallas data center, which in return creates savings that can be passed on to Cologix customers.

“In Dallas in particular, we wanted to limit airflow loss in the containment system to better cool customers’ equipment,” said Spencer. “We evaluated other competitors and it came down to shipping costs, overall costs, limited cooling airflow loss, quality and flexibility. CPI stood out with choice shipping options and a quality product.”


At the Dallas INFOMART, Cologix implemented CPI’s Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) Solution with 90 GF-Series GlobalFrame® Cabinets, Cable Runway, and accessories.

Each GlobalFrame cabinet is its own unique, custom solution. For example, one may have a combination lock, specific doors, or wheels. The cabinets house Cologix’s in-rack direct current power plant solutions, as well as clients’ equipment, such as servers, routers and switches. “CPI had all the features, and we were able to create a Cologix-specific package,” said Spencer.

CPI also added custom solutions to Cologix’s HAC Solution. Custom doors, a custom support baffle, and HotLok® Snap-In Filler Panels were installed to support and improve airflow efficiency in the data center.

 “We appreciate CPI working with us to develop a solution and build an air support baffle for high-density equipment by fitting new custom doors, which will facilitate better airflow for the CPI cabinets,” Spencer stated.

Additionally, CPI Cable Runway was installed to support all CAT 6A copper cabling throughout the Cologix Dallas data center.

Cologix also has “Meet-Me-Rooms” in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Minneapolis, and Jacksonville that feature CPI Two-Post Racks with Evolution® Cable Management. CPI’s Two-Post Racks support equipment and cabling with unsurpassed strength, stability and durability, while Evolution Cable Management provides an engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications.

“CPI provides high-quality, low-cost equipment. Using CPI solutions, we had some ability for custom equipment when required, which helped us meet the unique needs of our facilities and customers,” stated Spencer.


Since implementing HotLok Snap-In Filler Panels with CPI’s custom solutions, Cologix is able to implement a more cost and energy-efficient cooling system. Not only will this result in good service for the company’s customers, as well as better return on investment, but Cologix also benefits from a more efficient data center.

Cologix is the foremost colocation provider in Canada and continues to grow market share in highly connected, Tier 2 markets throughout the United States. With CPI’s custom solutions, Cologix’s local operations teams are able to rapidly respond to customers’ needs.

“The CPI team is willing to work with us on changes and different configurations to come up with solutions specific to Cologix,” Spencer said. This type of customization is the kind of relationship that Cologix values with their key suppliers. To show off the company’s 21 highly efficient data centers, Cologix hosts tours and open houses to showcase the facility and highlight CPI’s data center solutions. “CPI products ship in reasonable time frames for less cost, which is good service to our customers and less cost for Cologix. We enjoy working with CPI equipment because of the high-quality materials and workmanship that makes it easier for Cologix to provide industry-leading services to our customers,” said Spencer.