Falcon’s SSG UPS with a hot-swap LiFePO4 battery represents a technology game-changer with many user benefits. The online rackmount UPS models (1.5 to 6kVA) provide a longer service life, longer backup times, lower weight and higher safety than UPSs with lead-acid batteries or other LiFePO4 batteries. In addition, the SSG UPS lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) by dramatically reducing costly battery replacements and downtime.

Key advantages include:

  • Long service life: More than 10 years; only 4 to 5 years for lead-acid batteries
  • Long battery runtimes: Typically 3 times longer than lead-acid batteries
  • Small footprint: One-third to two-thirds the weight compared to lead-acid batteries
  • Wide-temperature range: Continuous operation from -20°C to 55°C with no performance degradation
  • Advanced safety: No thermal runaway issues that are inherent in Lithium-ion chemistry
  • Lower lifetime costs: 75% percent less than lead-acid batteries

Falcon’s SSG 1.5 kVA Industrial UPS with a LiFePO4 battery features three times longer battery runtime than a lead-acid equivalent plus 44% less weight - 13.9 vs. 24.9 pounds.