Compass Edge Solutions has expanded its leadership team with the promotion of Luke Dalske to vice president of BitBox Deployment & Integration and Dan Cernogorsky to senior director, BitBox Software Development. Both will report directly to Compass Edge Solutions head Jon Trout and play key roles in Compass Edge Solutions' success. The BitBox platform simplifies the deployment, integration, monitoring and maintenance of distributed infrastructure from the core to the edge.

Dalske oversees deployment of the BitBox monitoring platform and integration. He comes with 15 years of power monitoring, generator control systems, PLC and SCADA experience. Prior to joining Compass Edge Solutions, Dalske spent nine years with Schneider Electric in its professional services division where he led sales engineering, data center systems design and implementation.

Cernogorsky oversees BitBox software engineering and development efforts. He brings nearly 20 years of data center systems integration, systems engineering, DCIM and custom software development experience. Prior to joining Compass Edge Solutions, Cernogorsky held software infrastructure management roles at Facebook, Hoffman Building Technologies, Siemens and Bellsouth.

"Deploying, integrating, monitoring and maintaining distributed infrastructure is growing more complex with edge computing. The BitBox platform reduces this complexity regardless of infrastructure's location, size or manufacturer. Luke and Dan have been key elements of our success and their promotion to senior leadership roles allows us to continue providing our industry leading solutions," said Trout.

"When we acquired BitBox and Edgepoint in December, the edge grabbed the headlines, but infrastructure management is just as critical, with significant innovation opportunities," said Chris Crosby, CEO, Compass Datacenters. "Anyone who has been in our industry for ten minutes knows how difficult it is to monitor and manage traditional core data centers. This task becomes even more complex when you bring the edge into the mix. Trout and the Compass Edge Solutions team have engineered a truly ingenious platform for deploying, integrating, monitoring and maintaining distributed infrastructure at scale."

"In my experience of building and operating edge facilities, the single biggest mistake companies make is overlooking monitoring and management tools. Too often, distributed infrastructure becomes an unmanageable island," said Sharif Fotouh, Compass Edge Solutions leader. "Jon Trout has been ahead of the curve on this issue for years, and the BitBox platform allows companies to control distributed infrastructure no matter where it is and what it looks like."