Sunbird Software has introduced Release 6.1 of its Power IQ® Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. This release expands the bulk iPDU configuration features in previous versions to help data center managers deploy and update their data center hardware faster and more easily.

Deploy and Update iPDUs Faster with Bulk Configuration Enhancements

This version of Power IQ builds on the bulk configuration enhancements in previous releases. Users can bulk update IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways, SNMP settings, and trap destinations across a set of multiple Raritan® intelligent PDUs. These improvements enable data center managers to deploy, update, and maintain their iPDUs faster and more reliably. For example, if a user had to update the password and community string on 100 PDUs, that could take days because the user would need to log in to each PDU and manually change this data. With this feature, the updates can be completed in minutes through a single interface, with each change logged in a detailed audit report. If the user needs to update the passwords and community strings every six months, a template can be created that the user can run as necessary. If the configuration of an iPDU is erroneously changed, it can easily be restored back

Gain Deeper Insights with Analytic Charting Improvements

In Power IQ 6.1, users can retain granular raw data for a longer time period while minimizing the impact to system performance. This feature is useful in cases where users need to audit a past event on a specific facility item or rack. With Sunbird’s enterprise-class polling engine, a user can store raw data from 6,000 outlet-metered PDUs or 9,000 unit-metered PDUs on a single Power IQ instance, and from within the GUI, analyze this archived data to trend capacity or investigate unexpected changes in active power, voltage, and other critical attributes down to the outlet level. Archived data can be stored and charted in Power IQ for up to 30 days, roll-up data up to 10 years, and raw data kept forever in long-term storage.

Residual Current Monitoring

Release 6.1 also introduces residual current readings for Raritan iPDUs, allowing users to monitor this data within the Power IQ GUI. Most data center assets leak a small amount of current, resulting in not only current loss but also the possibility of energizing the ground. The ability to measure current leakage is a critical feature for European data centers and other facilities focused on safety as well as environmental impact.