EnerSys® will exhibit its broad selection of standby power solutions for mission-critical applications at the DatacenterDynamics (DCD) Enterprise Conference. DCD Enterprise will be held at the New York Marriott Marquis, May 1-2 in New York, and will focus on the transformation of data center and cloud infrastructure. EnerSys will exhibit in booth no. 49.

EnerSys manufactures a range of batteries for standby power solutions in response to the growth of integrated networks and systems, and the attendant demands for continuous power. Batteries are available in a variety of chemistries, including Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL), Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA). DataSafe® batteries are designed for the high-power requirements of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and PowerSafe® batteries are high-performance batteries that are suitable for high-integrity UPS systems.

“With more than a century of experience in designing and manufacturing batteries, EnerSys understands the demands that technology and standby power places on data centers and other mission-critical facilities,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager, UPS at EnerSys. “This experience has led to the development of a comprehensive product portfolio that delivers the reliability that these facilities require during a power outage. Our selection includes batteries designed for use in UPS systems and accommodates a wide range of runtimes, service environments and system capacities.”

The DataSafe® battery line includes the DataSafe® XE battery, a TPPL solution that was specifically designed for the latest mission-critical UPS applications to support short-duration runtimes of less than five minutes. For 7x24 mission-critical applications, the DataSafe® DX battery features lead-calcium plates that deliver high-rate performance. The DataSafe® HX line of 12-volt VRLA batteries are designed to occupy less space and scale easily to large-capacity UPS systems; the DataSafe® 16HX battery is the 16-volt version.

The PowerSafe® battery line includes the PowerSafe® DDm battery, which features optimized recombination technology and very thick plates to deliver excellent performance and a long service life.