Rolls-Royce recently introduced the next-generation Series 2000 MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator set product line for the North American market (60Hz). With a power output range from 615 kWe to 1250 kWe it expands the company’s high-power range product portfolio and makes it the most inclusive factory line up in the industry. These new diesel generator sets are already available.

The new systems, DS750, DS800, DS1000, and DS1250, offer up to three circuit breakers mounted and wired from the factory, a 74.7dBA sound level, and a 190mph wind rating all in one package, making them more complete, reliable and cost-effective than other products on the market. Additional features of the generator sets include:

  • Higher power density per square foot, achieving 1250 kWe with an MTU 16V2000 engine providing more power from a smaller footprint
  • 190 mph steel and aluminium wind-rated enclosures
  • Best-in-class factory sound enclosure for L3

The modular controls cockpit features a brand-new backend concept for mounting and wiring circuit breakers and controls along with a full line of SER circuit breaker solutions. The new generator sets are both IBC and OSHPD certified.

“The new Series 2000 diesel generator sets provide customers the best-in-class reliability and cost-efficiency that they have come to expect from MTU Onsite Energy products,” said Kevin McKinney, senior sales manager, MTU Onsite Energy. “No other OEM offers the quantity of optional accessories, breakers, sound attenuation level and wind rating all in one package, with or without IBC/OSHPD Certification. By providing these options pre-engineered and validated from the factory, we can inherently improve quality, reliability and provide a more cost-effective solution.”

MTU Onsite Energy is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.