H5 Data Centers has announced the completion of its "H5DC 2020 Zone," a raised floor area designed to support high-performance compute (HPC) applications at its 300,000 sq-ft data center campus in Denver, CO. Partnering with OptiCool and Siemon, H5 is able to meet high-density compute requirements of the next generation of technology supporting artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. The H5DC 2020 Zone allows for the quick turn-up of deployments in its ultra-secure private suite data center infrastructure environment.

"The demand for high-performance computing has grown rapidly with emerging applications to support AI, medical research, aerospace engineering, and DNA sequencing," said Josh Simms, CEO, H5 Data Centers. "To support these new technologies, mission-critical data center providers must adapt to the changing landscape. The H5DC 2020 Zone offers a solution that meets the needs of these innovative sectors."

This cutting-edge technology is made possible in several ways. The Tier III H5 Data Centers Denver facility has over 17.5 MWs of reliable power from diverse substations and 2N UPS power. By utilizing a closed-coupled, refrigerant-based mechanical system, OptiCool creates active heat extraction at the rack level, allowing the most demanding rack densities to be cooled effectively. To meet the requirements of HPC customers quickly and effectively, the H5DC 2020 Zone converges the typical multi-vendor solution into a single-step, easy-to-deploy HPC solution.

"We deliver practical solutions that can adapt to any environment and support both existing facility upgrades or new construction," said Todd Stone, president, OptiCool Technologies. "Because the market is changing so rapidly, IT systems must adapt to meet business needs. Our cooling solution supports the spectrum of low to high-density cooling, in either a raised floor or non-raised floor environment."