he modern data center and the ecosystem of current suppliers? The 16thedition of DCD’s enterprise event will take a deep dive into the technology that has started to disrupt the way data centers are designed and operated. The impact of blockchain will receive serious attention too.

“There are many examples of one technology completely sweeping aside another, transferring value to new suppliers and obsoleting existing investments. For data centers, with their highly engineered mechanical and electrical systems, vast networking and cabling, and aisles and aisles of servers, we ask, what might disrupt all this?” questions Rhonda Ascierto, research director, Datacenters & Critical Infrastructure at 451 Research.

Ascierto will be opening day two of the conference on May 2, addressing 10 potential disruptors, covering off on chiller-free cooling, data center management-as-a-service (DMaaS), and direct liquid cooling through to silicon photonics and storage-class memory. 

Blockchain impact on energy and capacity

Data centers are evolving as new technology pushes the industry to quickly adapt and transform, driving enterprises to evaluate its impact to improve their IT infrastructure. Blockchain is the topic for a plenary session on day two given by Kelly LeValley Hunt, global VP at blockchain technology implementation specialist BlockApps.

According to LeValley Hunt, “Old-world data centers must transform to contend with new world technologies like blockchain and its by-product, cryptocurrencies.”