Sabey Data Center Properties has announced that it has tapped Telia Carrier’s 100G-enabled #1 ranked IP backbone and transmission network to provide scalable capacity and dependable connectivity to the Seattle metro area. This expansion enables Sabey to serve customers at the Sabey Intergate.Seattle campus with the fast delivery speeds and customer-centric experience that its customers demand. 

Intergate.Seattle is Sabey Data Center’s flagship property and is the largest privately owned multi-tenant campus on the west coast. Composed of two campuses, eight buildings and more than 1,373,000 sq ft of data-center space, Intergate.Seattle has the power and capacity to meet the immediate and future requirements of all categories of data center customers. 

“We are proud to partner with Sabey Data Center’s Intergate.Seattle campus. Our reliable network services enable Sabey to deliver the flexibility and capacity its customers need,” said Stephen Hartman, head of Telia Carrier’s North American Region. “This partnership also demonstrates Telia Carrier’s commitment to provide diversity options in our continuing growth markets and serve more points of presence as we expand our global network.” 

John Ford, vice president and general manager, Intergate.Seattle, said, “Intergate.Seattle provides a more reliable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to other data centers located in downtown Seattle. Our partnership with Telia Carrier adds unmatched connectivity to our value proposition. Dark fiber and conduit systems connect all of our buildings, so Telia Carrier can support any customer located on the campus efficiently and immediately.” Ford added that the local utility provider, Seattle City Light was the first 100% Carbon Neutral utility provider and provides 92% sustainable, hydro-electric power, which is utilized by the Intergate.Seattle campus. 

“Being located in Tukwila on the south end of the metro area provides good access to north-south fiber routes entering the metro area and allows for diverse connectivity from downtown Seattle. It also offers, wholesale turn-key data center space, that leverages the region’s cool ambient temperatures for “free” cooling during 90% of the year, and with 77 MW of power entering the campus from redundant feeds it can support large scale requirements,” said Daniel Meltzer, vice president and director, Sabey.