Hudson Fiber Network (HFN) has announced that HFN is building their Smart Grid connectivity into Cologix’s next-generation data center, NNJ3, in Parsippany, New Jersey. 

The HFN Smart Grid technology enables Cologix customers access to purpose-built LAN connectivity with WAN distances to its 1,600 network, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services, and enterprise customers. With its PoP in Northern New Jersey with Cologix, HFN expands its footprint to meet the demand for services at the edge. 

“Building “Smart Grid” connectivity at NNJ3, and ultimately across the Cologix data center locations nationwide, will enable us to connect the fastest growing business communities across nine North America markets, while giving our customers access to new and niche markets,” comments Keith Muller, COO, HFN. “Not only will we deliver network connectivity and highly reliable infrastructure across Cologix locations, we be a valuable resource to respond to their customers’ complex connectivity requirements.” 

“Cologix continues to grow the digital edge which includes providing an ecosystem to host the Hyper Scalers, managed service providers, software as a service (SAAS) providers, enterprises and network service providers,” comments Brian Cox, COO, Cologix. “With the addition of HFN as a network services partner, we continue our focus on providing value to our customers by enabling low cost easy access to high performance network providers.” 

Commenting on this announcement is Cologix and HFN’s customer, Steve Yatko, CEO of Oktay Technology, a leader in designing innovative and emerging technology into high volume, ultra-low latency computing, modern informatics and machine learning systems.

“We advise customers in enterprise computing for large-scale financial and analytic trading systems, and we see this PoP in NNJ3 as a win-win for all. Coupled with Cologix’s innovative data center design and capability; HFN brings years of expertise designing and deploying complex, niche specialty connectivity solutions that will prove to be a valuable asset to Cologix customers when building and strengthening their network performance.” 

With the implementation of its “Smart Grid” with Cologix, HFN reinforces its “Smart Grid” strategy and its position as the premier data transport provider for high-bandwidth, low-latency fiber networking solutions for local and global enterprises in the tri-state market.