Green House Data has announced a fully managed Microsoft Azure® cloud services offering, that will assist in the design, migration, and ongoing operation of hybrid cloud environments built on the Azure platform.

“Organizations need to deploy and run workloads in the way that makes the most sense for their business, and that often means the use of public cloud resources,” said Shawn Mills, CEO, Green House Data. “We’ve long helped our clients manage hybrid infrastructure and applications, and now we’ve extended this service to Azure’s public IaaS. Customers can benefit from the same experienced, certified, and high-value creative solutions and superior support, across a broader array of platforms.”

Cloud computing use continues to grow, with some surveys showing 80% of IT managers are now pursuing a cloud-first strategy1, yet a lack of cloud skills remains a significant obstacle. As enterprises and midsize companies look to deploy hybrid IT infrastructure, they aim to maximize existing investments in hardware and software while adding cloud advantages like flexibility, scalability, 100% availability, and always-up-to-date software.

With this shift towards a multi-cloud, platform-neutral philosophy, IT managers need to take advantage of versatile service providers who offer a wide range of technologies and deployment models. By adding Azure management, Green House Data can now help clients design, deploy, and operate client infrastructure in Azure, while also monitoring and maintaining those environments for security and availability.

Azure use cases include cloud-native applications, migration of production applications and databases to Azure platform, data warehousing and secure archiving, simple creation of testing and development environments, and even disaster recovery failover from on-premise or other cloud platforms, including VMware-based public clouds, to or from the Azure cloud.

In this offering, managed Azure public cloud services from Green House Data begin with SpotLITE, a comprehensive discovery process that uses deep examination and benchmarking of IT environments to create a roadmap for better application service delivery, connectivity, resilient infrastructure, and data storage.

“Offering managed Azure is about the long-term vision for the enterprise. We work with clients to uncover the ideal platform for their business, and we provide those platforms,” said Cortney Thompson CIO, Green House Data. “Also, the entire platform has end-to-end security, monitoring, and proactive maintenance protocols.”

“Over the last decade, we’ve helped many of our customers transition away from day-to-day management of their IT environments to leveraging our services,” said Mills. “We love seeing what teams can accomplish when we are able to help them extend their departments. The addition of managed Azure will further this effort, and we look forward to seeing innovation from our current and future customers with the addition of Azure.”

Green House Data has held a data center competency through the Microsoft Partner Program since 2012 and is CSP for both Office 365 and SharePoint.