IBM has announced the availability of new SAP-certified bare metal servers for SAP HANA® platform deployments in the IBM Cloud and new configurations for VMware environments. The new cloud infrastructure-as-a-service solutions are designed to give enterprises the power and performance they need to manage their mission-critical applications running on SAP HANA.

Each day more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud so they can turn this increasing volume of structured and unstructured data into valuable business intelligence and leverage AI and analytics technology to gain new insights from their core business applications.

IBM's newest cloud infrastructure for SAP HANA solutions on the IBM Cloud is designed to provide clients with larger and more powerful infrastructure to run memory-intensive applications running on SAP HANA. Specifically designed for larger workloads running on SAP HANA, the new solutions are certified by SAP to reassure clients that their production and test systems are running optimally in IBM Cloud and are backed by both IBM and SAP support teams. The new solutions include:

New SAP-Certified Bare Metal Servers for SAP HANA deployment on IBM Cloud: SAP has tested and certified new IBM Cloud bare metal servers with 4 and 8-socket Intel® Xeon® Processors and up to 8TB of memory to help enterprises run larger and more data-intensive in-memory workloads like those in SAP S/4HANA® efficiently. The solutions will be available globally in the IBM Cloud.

SAP-Certified Solutions for Deploying SAP HANA on VMware on IBM Cloud: Enterprises can provision an SAP-certified bare metal server configured with VMware. This helps clients currently running application workloads on SAP HANA in a private VMware environment to more easily transition to the public cloud without having to retool or refactor their application. The solutions will be available globally in the IBM Cloud.

"To win in this arena, enterprises need a cloud platform that can help them maximize their core business applications and gain new insights from increasing volumes of data," said John Considine, general manager for cloud infrastructure services, IBM. "IBM is building more powerful and cost-effective solutions for SAP HANA applications in the cloud so that enterprises can focus on business innovation instead of underlying infrastructure."

With IBM's global network of nearly 60 cloud data centers in 19 countries and six continents, clients can scale globally to run their workloads on SAP HANA on IBM's public cloud infrastructure when and where they need. IBM Cloud also provides access to more than 150 APIs and services including IBM Watson and analytics. The new solutions are designed to help clients co-locate their development, test, and production environments for applications running on SAP HANA, speed deployments and increase utilization.

IBM provides a full spectrum of cloud solutions to support SAP HANA applications including fully managed services and infrastructure-as-a-service certified by SAP. SAP HANA solutions are rapidly gaining momentum on the IBM Cloud with enterprises in a variety of industries around the world such as PeroxyChem.

PeroxyChem had only 12 months after divesting from its parent company to migrate its mission-critical SAP business systems to a new platform — or face significant out-of-contract hosting fees. By working with IBM to set up and host the company's new cloud environment for SAP and non-SAP business applications, PeroxyChem is realizing significant cost savings and global growth opportunities.