Arista Networks has released its Arista Any Cloud software platform, reducing operational costs and complexity for enterprises by simplifying integration and management of hybrid clouds across private cloud datacenters and public cloud providers. The new virtualized offering, Arista vEOS™ Router, combined with CloudVision® and new Cloud Tracer™ functionality, provides consistent operations, orchestration, security and telemetry across multi-cloud environments.

“Arista’s Any Cloud platform transcends public and private clouds, radically changing the on-premises enterprise data center. We are helping customers realize their hybrid-cloud transformation by extending Arista EOS and CloudVision across network boundaries,” said Jayshree Ullal, president and CEO for Arista Networks.

Cloud Principles Migrate Enterprise from PINs to PICs

Arista’s Universal Cloud Networking (UCN) delivers common cloud principles for simplified networking topologies and architecture across use-cases. As siloed Places-In-the-Network (PINs) of the legacy enterprise are normalized to become standardized Places-In-the-Cloud (PICs), Arista’s UCN provides a consistent experience and simplifies the model for enterprise customers to extend workloads from their own datacenters into the public cloud.

Arista EOS® (Extensible Operating System), deployed and proven in the world’s largest datacenters and cloud-scale networks, is the center of the Arista Any Cloud platform. With vEOS Router, Arista EOS is now supported across multiple hypervisor and cloud deployment platforms. The same proven single EOS software image that runs across all of Arista’s products, vEOS Router extends a consistent operational model of the customer’s existing Arista data center network deployments. The vEOS Router leverages the existing cloud-grade routing stack and includes new enhancements, such as IPSEC VPN tunnels, to securely interconnect workloads across multi-cloud deployments. In addition, vEOS Router is integrated with cloud provider APIs to enable seamless deployment, automation, analytics and end-to-end visibility.

"Disparate places in the network are evolving to an inclusive software-defined cloud. Aiming to simplify hybrid and multi-cloud adoption for its customers, Arista's approach to Any Cloud is compelling in extending cloud networking with operational consistency across a wide range of use cases," said Brad Casemore, Research Director, Datacenter Networks for IDC.

Cloud Tracer for Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Arista CloudVision also supports these new hybrid cloud use-cases, with a turnkey approach to automation, telemetry and orchestration services needed to support multi-cloud inter-connectivity in a single cloud experience. Network-wide upgrades and rollbacks can be automated at scale, reducing downtime and disruptions caused by manual error. Hybrid cloud troubleshooting time is reduced with historical event correlation across use-cases, driven by EOS real-time state streaming combined with CloudVision analytic engines and visualization apps. In addition, Arista’s new Cloud Tracer assures that visibility and availability metrics are tracked consistently across the entire hybrid cloud environment, including public cloud direct connections, remote datacenter connections and cloud exchange points.

Arista Any Cloud Ecosystem

The Arista Any Cloud platform is designed to support any public or hybrid cloud environment, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Microsoft Azure Stack, an extension of Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Support in each environment is coupled with validation and registration of these solutions in the cloud marketplace infrastructure provided by each cloud provider, thus making deployment simple for the enterprise customer.

This platform will be further enhanced by integration with the Equinix Cloud Exchange™, which provides direct high-performance connections to 70+ cloud providers. With Arista EOS and CloudVision platforms integration, Equinix customers will leverage the same consistent cloud networking tool set in yet another cloud network use-case.

With the Arista Any Cloud solution, enterprise customers can now deploy a reliable and secure multi-cloud experience with a common Universal Cloud Network approach across all of the places in the cloud. This enables IT organizations to harness dispersed cloud resources anywhere for better availability of services and applications across any cloud, any workload and any location.