QTS Realty Trust has announced new features as part of the QTS Service Delivery Platform (SDP), the industry’s first platform engineered to support integrated hybrid IT needs. New features include: online ordering for Remote Hands and Eyes (RHE), sensor analytics, CloudPay, hybrid cloud management platform integration, and a mobile application.

Launched earlier this year, QTS SDP aggregates, analyzes and automates data across all of its customers’ IT environments. With speed and agility paramount, and a focus on enabling a richer customer experience, QTS SDP allows customers to interact with their data center deployments in a way that is simple, seamless and available on-demand.

QTS continues to evolve SDP’s features and capabilities utilizing agile development and taking advantage of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. This allows QTS to gain insight from customer requirements and rapidly respond in six-week release sprints. This release includes four epics and over 20 features spanning the full range of IT services including:

Online Ordering for Remote Hands and Eyes (RHE): QTS customers can now submit orders, purchase a subscription model and track resource allocation at any QTS data center. By automating the process, QTS customers have a more efficient and timely support experience.

Sensor Analytics: Provides visibility into the temperature and humidity for installed customer sensors. Enterprise customers now have the ability to forecast power consumption to optimize resources and reduce costs.

CloudPay: This feature integrates over 400 best practice checks for cost, security, performance and availability to govern a customer’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. CloudPay transforms AWS data into actionable insights by reporting, alerting, analyzing and automating cloud environments for optimal utilization and costs.

Hybrid Cloud Management Platform Integration: Automated monitoring that identifies and corrects issues related to security or compliance for Managed AWS customers. The new feature improves visibility and control, while reducing costs and removing the complexity associated with managing workloads running on multiple clouds.

QTS Mobile Application:Provides real-time access and control to QTS solutions and public cloud services across QTS’ data center footprint.

“QTS’ Service Delivery Platform was designed to stay ahead of the dynamic and ever changing needs of the hybrid IT world,” said Jon Greaves, chief technology officer, QTS. “Our newest SDP features further enhance our ability to unlock the power of our customers’ data while driving operational improvement and innovation.”

QTS SDP starts with the digitization of over 4 billion data points. The resulting data lake is presented through a robust application-programming interface (API). This allows customers to integrate data within their own applications and gain deeper insight into the use of their QTS data center services within their IT environments.