Ensono Cloud has recently deployed NetApp SolidFire, a Tier-one quality service provider accelerates shift to a software-defined data center with performance guarantees, flexibility, and scalability.

 “Ensono is committed to delivering a superior managed service experience to our clients. With NetApp® SolidFire®, our clients can focus on accelerating their businesses and leave the burden of managing IT to us,” said Oliver Presland, VP of Global Product Management, Ensono. "Simply put, NetApp SolidFire enables us to deliver more value with less resources. It has become a key enabler of our international cloud platform expansion and our shift toward a software-defined data center."

According to a survey by Harvey Nash and KPMG, CIO priorities are broadening to include automation and improving agility, along with increasing operational efficiencies, improving business processes, delivering consistent and stable IT performance to the business, and saving money. As a leading hybrid IT solutions and governance provider, U.S.- and UK-based Ensono is answering these rapidly changing business priorities with its new secure private cloud platform, Ensono Cloud.

As the storage foundation designed to run business-critical applications for Ensono Cloud, Ensono deployed NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage from NetApp to serve its clients in the UK and United States. With SolidFire, Ensono delivers improved managed IT services from an innovative infrastructure that is predictable, automated, scalable, and highly available to support its clients' business-critical applications.

With granular, volume-level SolidFire quality of service, Ensono delivers high performance of every customer application from its shared infrastructure and offers simple delivery of different service tiers. Its scale-out architecture enables Ensono to achieve nondisruptive system expansion with instant resource availability to better support its business growth.

Through SolidFire automation capabilities and deep integration with its VMware-based environment, Ensono can provision resources more quickly, allowing its staff to focus on high-value activities such as applications management and designing complex client solutions.

The diverse features provided by the NetApp SolidFire system are critical to transitioning to a next-generation, software-defined data center. This transition, combined with improved managed services delivered through the new Ensono Cloud, has enabled Ensono to release a state-of-the-art platform to an international market. Already available in the UK, Ensono Cloud is slated to deploy in the United States by summer 2017, bringing highly regarded Ensono services to new markets.