Logicalis US has announced it has expanded its Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and is relaunching its offerings to include additional professional and managed services attractive to organizations of all sizes — including enterprise organizations. To help CIOs wondering if a CSP relationship is right for their business, the Microsoft solution experts at Logicalis have identified seven reasons CIOs should consider a CSP relationship. Microsoft’s CSP program provides organizations an alternative consumption model for procuring cloud-based Office 365 and Azure subscriptions that does not require the kind of stringent, three-year commitment inherent in larger, volume-based on-premise enterprise agreements (EAs). Additionally, by bundling the right professional and managed services, Logicalis, a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of the top 200 Microsoft solution providers of 2017, is able to provide comprehensive Office 365 and Azure solutions that take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility, delivering a monthly consumption- or usage-based model capable of meeting the varied needs of customers of all sizes — small to large.

“Providing our Microsoft customers – including enterprise-level clients – with a model that can adapt to changes in their business is particularly important to organizations that may not be able to predict business fluctuations three years in advance,” says Wendy McQuiston, director, Microsoft Professional Services, Logicalis US. “If a customer needs 1,000 seats of Office 365 this month, then wants to decrease those seats to 800 the following month, under their CSP agreement with Logicalis, they can do that with no financial penalty. Our CSP program combines the product pricing as well as the level of support that fits the customer’s changing needs and digital transformation strategy — no more money lost due to non-consumption or increases based on the difference between EA estimates and actual usage. Logicalis’ Microsoft CSP program allows any size customer to purchase and pay only for the subscriptions and services they actually use on a month-to-month basis.”

Seven Benefits of a Microsoft CSP Relationship

Logicalis’ Microsoft CSP program can help users of any size take advantage of a more flexible, pay-as-you-go, consumption-based model with the option to bundle Microsoft cloud subscriptions like Office 365 and Azure with a host of professional and managed services designed to ensure those solutions are functioning as expected and to assist with the migration to those services.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: No more long-term pre-pay service commitments, enabling a faster ROI on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure cloud implementations and services.

  • Migration Help: Built-in migration assistance to move users to the cloud.

  • Professional Services Included: Security, identity management and application needs as well as ongoing support services are bundled into the Logicalis CSP professional services engagement.

  • Faster Issue Resolutions: Logicalis US becomes the CIO’s main point of contact for issue resolution, delivering the right level of support faster.

  • Digital Transformation Strategies: By partnering with Logicalis, CIOs will learn how to combine Microsoft solutions with other multi-vendor solutions to drive their organization’s digital transformation.

  • Logicalis-Direct Invoicing: Cloud subscription invoicing will come directly from Logicalis, unless customers choose to retain on-premise EA subscriptions.

  • Combined Program Capabilities: Organizations can continue to purchase their on-premise EA licensing direct from Microsoft and still utilize the Logicalis CSP program for their cloud subscriptions or alternatively add professional or managed services support to services procured through an EA.