SSE Enterprise Telecoms has announced the availability of high-speed connectivity between businesses and their preferred cloud service providers (CSPs), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. The service, known as Cloud Connect, offers businesses a private dedicated Ethernet connection to their chosen CSP, delivered over SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ core network. This enables the service to bypass the public internet, which can carry a range of security and performance issues.

Recently IDC reported that cloud computing spend alone is growing at four and a half times the rate of IT spend, and has been since 2009. What’s more, it’s expected to grow at better than six times the rate of IT spending from 2015 through 2020. With more businesses moving away from traditional IT models and investing in private, public or hybrid cloud models, it is essential that those investing in public cloud applications do not suffer the performance issues often associated with accessing applications via the public internet. SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ Cloud Connect service supports a range of bandwidths and allows access to multiple CSPs from its redundant by design platform.

Cloud Connect will be available through SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ easy-to-navigate, price comparison engine, LIVEQUOTE, which allows users to generate competitive quotes in real-time for Cloud Connect as well as dedicated Ethernet circuits using both their own network as well as that of leading third parties.

Jeff Smith, head of product development at SSE Enterprise Telecoms explains: “As a connectivity provider, we see a sizeable amount of UK businesses looking to migrate legacy services to a number of different cloud or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments. We’re launching Cloud Connect in direct response to our customers’ need for reliable, high-capacity access to public cloud services. As business-critical applications become more data-heavy, businesses require more reliable, efficient and secure connections. Our Cloud Connect service enables these businesses to connect directly with the award-winning cloud service providers of their choice.”

Customer excellence promise

With Cloud Connect, SSE Enterprise Telecoms ensures the same standard of SLA as offered on its current Ethernet network alongside year-round, in-house customer support. SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ commitment to real-time customer service has seen it take major steps in recent years to self-assess effectiveness. This manifests in a competitive transactional NPS score of 70+, positioning it among the UK’s most prolific innovators.

“At the beginning of 2017, IDC predicted global spending on IT infrastructure for off-premises cloud deployments would experience double-digit growth. Using our solution is the missing link that promises businesses the secure connection to the public cloud services they will increasingly rely on for mission-critical applications. Not only this, but it ensures that their cloud connection is expertly provisioned for, tailored and maintained throughout its lifecycle” said Smith.