Morro Data has announced two new storage service offerings that eliminate the need for local Network Attached Storage (NAS) by delivering the benefits of cloud storage with the performance and reliability of local NAS at a price point that makes sense. Named CloudNAS™ and CloudNAS Business™, these solutions deliver the best of both worlds, saving users hours of productivity every week, while simultaneously reducing operating costs by as much as 80%.

These services span the needs of individual prosumers, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) power users, and Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). Regardless of the type of user, Morro Data eliminates maintenance of local storage while delivering infinite capacity and plug-n-play setup, as well as enterprise-class storage features with the on-demand file performance of an on-premise NAS system. Morro Data also allows you to bring your own cost-effective cloud storage solution, as Morro Data solutions work with common cloud storage options.  

“The obvious advantages of cloud-based storage and object storage have been out of reach for many, as the cost of these services combined with severe performance limitations have made them unsuitable for anything other than backup,” said Paul Tien, founder and CEO of Morro Data, as well as former founder of Infrant and its revolutionary ReadyNAS solutions. “CloudNAS addresses each of these two key issues — cost and performance — making cloud storage attractive as a primary storage option. Solving this problem was not an easy one, but after years of development I’m proud to say our team has cracked the code on combining NAS and enterprise cloud storage.”

Today’s announcement marks the availability of two essential Morro Data services, which are offered on a subscription basis with the purchase of a Morro Data CacheDrive cloud gateway. They include:

Morro Data CloudNAS with Backblaze – Created in partnership with cloud-based storage provider Backblaze’s B2 service, Morro Data’s CloudNAS with Backblaze gives prosumers and SMBs an incredibly easy plug-n-play solution that allows them to treat their cloud storage as their primary storage solution. Starting at $10 per month users get the business-class storage features and incredible cost-effectiveness of Backblaze B2, delivered with local NAS performance and efficiency. This service is particularly ideal for users with very large local data files and a network connection of average bandwidth. For a user who has 1TB of data, it could take 20-30 days to move their data into the cloud. CloudNAS masks this from the user; keeping files ready and available in cache while steadily loading them into the cloud. Similar to desktop NAS revolutionizing SMB and prosumer storage ten years ago, we see CloudNAS as the new, best way to keep data safe in the cloud.

“We are very excited to work with Morro Data as they leverage our own ground-breaking cloud storage service to serve a new class of users,” said Gleb Budman, CEO of Backblaze, Inc. “Their CloudNAS solution is easy to set up and manage and when combined with our cost-effective B2 Cloud Storage service, you’ve got a real winner.”  

Morro Data CloudNAS Business – This service is designed to augment businesses with major cloud storage accounts with Amazon S3 and Backblaze B2, with Morro Data adding more large-scale cloud service providers in the coming months. Starting at $89 per month, Morro Data will deliver enterprise-class storage services (encryption, compression, instant data recovery, retention policies, etc.) and a global file system for businesses with multiple sites around the world, while enabling local performance and file availability. Morro Data CloudNAS Business delivers cloud storage advantages with centralized file management, a single namespace, and centralized device management spanning multiple locations, all available with the industry’s easiest setup and management.

How Morro Data Works
At the heart of every Morro Data service is the Morro Data CacheDrive cloud storage gateway, which was developed in conjunction with a proprietary and unique global file system designed to handle synching of files among multiple CacheDrives. Starting at $499, the gateway is used to speed up local file transfers and to act as a buffer to sync with the cloud. This delivers much higher file transfer performance, reduces the need for Internet bandwidth, and saves disk space on the users’ PCs. Each CacheDrive starts with a large 1TB cache and ranges up to 8TB, which keeps most frequently used files in the cache for fast access and for group sharing, but still enables users to see all files in the cloud.