Online Tech has extended its hybrid cloud offering to support managed Microsoft Azure services. This extension is the first step for Online Tech towards integrating the public cloud into its suite of hybrid IT products, which includes colocation, virtual private cloud and data protection services.

This new service includes SprawlGuard™, the first-of-its-kind technology that will help clients manage their monthly cloud spend. It allows them to set a monthly spending budget, or target, and then alerts them when it looks like they will exceed that amount. In the future, it will help to identify unused or under-utilized resources so clients can be more efficient with their public cloud spend.

"Clients will now not only effortlessly manage their entire environment, but also achieve transparency and control over their expenses with SprawlGuard™," said Nick Lumsden, vice president of technology and product strategy, Online Tech. "This will provide our clients with a single window into the cost drivers of their critical business systems, so they can harness the power of their multi-cloud strategy."

Organizations thinking of adopting a multi-cloud strategy often face many challenges. Public cloud bills are frequently unpredictable and complex, and businesses find that they need to hire additional personnel to architect and support their solution.

Online Tech's managed Azure services solve both challenges: Clients get a complete, fully managed public cloud that integrates with their existing virtual private cloud infrastructure within a single portal and with a simple bill. Their hybrid environment is fully managed by Online Tech's Azure experts and support team, giving businesses additional depth to their cloud teams.

"One of the biggest challenges we've seen with our clients is the struggle to understand their public cloud bill," said Kurt Schaldenbrand, product design manager, Online Tech. "We've effectively solved that challenge by offering our clients who have Azure a complete view into their total environment, where they receive a single bill for all services rendered, allowing them to easily track their spending and better manage costs."

"We're really excited that Online Tech is leading the pack when it comes to hybrid cloud," said Scott Larsen, chief technology officer, Mingle Analytics. "This new service will allow us to easily manage both our public and private cloud and give us the support we need to meet the growing demands of our health care quality reporting business."