1025Connect has announced the availability of Epsilon's Cloud Link eXchange Platform (CloudLX) service offering at its Long Island facility designed for network interconnection and colocation. Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider, also recently announced the establishment of its United States headquarters within the same property where 1025Connect is located.

This location will allow Epsilon to expand its services throughout the U.S. with direct access to multiple subsea cables for enhanced global connectivity at the Continental Edge. 1025Connect customers can now leverage CloudLX, available through Epsilon's on-demand connectivity platform, Infiny by Epsilon, to rapidly interconnect new services and benefit from direct connectivity to leading global cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This deployment enables greater quality and high-speed connectivity for Long Island businesses and international network traffic.

"The CloudLX module of Infiny accelerates access to global cloud service providers and gives customers a friction-free model for connecting the cloud," states Carl Roberts, chief commercial officer of Epsilon. "It is making connecting the cloud simple and removes the limits on how service providers and enterprises grow in the U.S., and around the world."

"Long Island is host to a great number of leading enterprise businesses and is a key landing point for subsea systems interconnecting North America to Europe," comments Dan Lundy, managing director, 1025Connect. "The location of 1025Connect on this Continental Edge offers a unique opportunity to bypass traditionally congested network routes, eliminating multiple points of failure while saving customers on cross connect fees. 1025Connect is the pinnacle of diverse, reliable, network enablement sitting at the true nexus of subsea cable systems and the cloud." 

1025Connect delivers direct access to multiple submarine cable systems connecting North America, Europe and Latin America, as well as the ability to bypass Manhattan fiber routes for greater network redundancy and diversity. 1025Connect is also home to the easternmost peering point in the New York metro area, enabling easier access and delivery of content distributed to the Continental Edge.