DataCore has announced that its DataCore Cloud Replication software solutions are now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to support customers’ disaster recovery efforts. Customers with on-premises deployments of SANsymphony™ software-defined storage and Hyper-converged Virtual SAN can use the Microsoft Azure cloud as an added replication location to safeguard highly available systems.

For example, on-premises stretch clusters split between two sites in a metropolitan area can also replicate a third copy of the data to Azure to protect against data loss in the event of a major regional disaster. Critical data is continuously replicated asynchronously within the hybrid cloud configuration.

In addition, customers with a diverse mix of storage brands or models can run DataCore software-defined storage on-premises to consolidate and unify data replication to the Azure cloud for all storage assets versus dealing with the complexity and cost of implementing piecemeal vendor by vendor approaches.

The ongoing and rapid growth of data, the diversity of storage devices, and the wide variety of compliance regulations to which many organizations must adhere requires that all essential data and applications be available at a remote site accessible from anywhere to ensure that business operations can be restored in the event of an unforeseen event or disaster scenario. Enterprises are increasingly turning to the cloud to avoid the difficulties of setting up and maintaining a dedicated remote location for just this purpose.

The availability of DataCore Cloud Replication in the Azure Marketplace makes it much simpler for enterprises to take advantage of the scalability, agility and cost-efficiencies of the Azure cloud to quickly roll out a secure remote replication site, while enjoying unified storage management between their on-premises infrastructure and the Azure cloud.

This offering delivers the flexibility to choose where critical data is restored should a catastrophe occur. In some cases, it will be best to restore at the original on-premises location. In other cases, IT may prefer to run some of their workloads directly in the Azure cloud.

“DataCore Cloud Replication in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace provides our customers with the potential to realize substantial CapEx and time savings, while offering the benefits of greater protection and flexibility for remote replication,” said Sushant Rao, senior director, product marketing at DataCore Software. “This will ultimately help enterprises more effectively achieve mission-critical business objectives such as efficient disaster recovery through the use of flexible and cost-effective cloud services.”

“Hybrid cloud deployments are one of the fastest growing technology segments in the industry today,” said Dietmar Hensch, managing director, Crew Services at Kramer & Crew (GmbH & Co. KG). “DataCore’s Cloud Replication offering in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace provides us with a greater ability to provide more advanced hybrid systems to our customers, along with a faster and more convenient way to address the need for critical disaster recovery services.”