Rapid cloud adoption has made powerful applications readily accessible and easy to implement across an organization, but many of these applications do not natively communicate or connect, requiring significant IT development time and cost to integrate. Addressing this dilemma, GlobalSCAPE, Inc. has announced that it has extended the Company’s reach further into the cloud with the launch of Kenetix, its new integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution.

Kenetix is a markedly different kind of data integration platform, focused on bringing rapid digital transformation to businesses with the quick connection to, and integration of, new and existing technologies like cloud-based applications, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and third-party application interfaces. With Kenetix, customers are empowered to rapidly create complex application and data integrations in the cloud, with the utmost security, reliability, transparency, and control.

“Globalscape’s decades-long leadership in secure, flexible and highly manageable data movement remains unmatched. However, as more and more customer applications move to the cloud, we saw the need and opportunity to apply our expertise to helping customers accelerate that transition. With Kenetix, we are delivering an extremely powerful and agile platform that not only allows customers to unleash the power of their data with very little technical expertise, but also establishes a platform through which we can extend and expand our own portfolio for maximum customer value. We see this as a natural extension to our work in managed file transfer and our larger desire to help our customers overcome their most complex data obstacles,” said Matt Goulet, president and CEO at Globalscape.

Kenetix supports application connectivity in an effort to synchronize data across systems, and empowers business teams to create and integrate applications without having to wait on IT.

The new platform differentiates itself from other iPaaS solutions with its easy to use yet powerful functionality that meets the demands of large enterprises, while also being simple and intuitive enough to satisfy the needs of non-technical staff or line-of-business managers who require the flexibility to develop their own data integrations quickly. Kenetix comes with a suite of features and benefits that make it the ideal solution for application and data integration, business process automation and microservices orchestration. Among the many features are:

  • Access to a library of connectors for more than 120 applications like Salesforce, Marketo, Basecamp, etc.

  • Simple drag-and-drop data mapping to ensure data integration flows without the need for coding

  • Ability to launch and orchestrate microservices as well as automate workflows quickly

  • Granular controls to ensure administrators can manage what application data individuals or teams have access to

  • Built-in reporting to facilitate audits and compliance mandates

  • Military-grade security with stringent audit and validation tools