IBM has announced a new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) toolkit on Power Systems optimized for open source databases, including MongoDB, EDB PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j, and Apache Cassandra to help deliver more speed, control, and efficiency for enterprise developers and IT departments.

The new platform gives database administrators and developers the ability to easily deploy a fully configured private cloud with automated provisioning for open source database services. Users can easily gain the efficiency of a cloud delivery model, while also maintaining oversight and control of resource allocation and secure data policies. Because the Open DBaaS Platform is built on OpenStack, it can also easily be incorporated into the organization's hybrid cloud management strategy.

According to Forrester, Database-as-a-Service is the fastest-growing database category over the next four years, providing automation capabilities, lowering cost, and increasing flexibility. As companies undergo digital transformation, these attributes will be critical for developers to reduce their database management time, drive down costs, and improve application performance.

The new turnkey open source DBaaS toolkit available today, called Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems, runs on IBM's OpenPOWER LC servers1 designed specifically for Big Data and delivers 2.0x price-performance2 advantage guarantee over x863 for MongoDB and 1.8x for EDB PostgreSQL 9.5, which translates to superior server density.

"As the need for new applications to be delivered faster than ever increases in a digital world, developers are turning to modern software development models including DevOps, as-a-Service and self-service to increase the volume, velocity and variety of business applications," said Terri Virnig, VP, Power Ecosystem and Strategy at IBM. "With Open Platform for DBaaS, IBM is supporting these cloud development models to provide greater control of data, access and security, as well as the choice and flexibility for agile development of innovative new applications.

Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems includes:

  • A self-service portal for end users to deploy their choice of the most popular open source community databases including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j and Apache Cassandra in minutes.
  • An elastic cloud infrastructure for a highly scalable, automated, economical, and reliable open platform for on-premises, private cloud delivery of DBaaS.
  • A disk image builder tool for clients who want to build and deploy their own custom databases to the database image library
  • An open source, cloud-oriented operations manager with dashboards and tools to visualize, control, monitor, and analyze the physical and virtual resources
  • A turnkey, engineered solution comprised of compute, block and archive storage servers, JBOD disk drawers, OpenStack control plane nodes, and network switches pre-integrated with the open source DBaaS toolkit

The news will be announced during the first-annual OpenPOWER Developer Congress in San Francisco on May 22-25, IBM will host a workshop to discuss the fundamentals of Open Platform for DBaaS.  Participants will also experience hands-on demos that highlight key database services along with the opportunity to develop an open source database application in this environment. Developers will also get the opportunity get hands on experience with IBM PowerAI, a deep learning software distribution on Power Systems that simplifies developer experience with tools and data preparation while also dramatically reducing training times from weeks to hours.


1. IBM Power S822LC for Big Data server (20-core/2.92 GHz 128GB memory, 4 TB SATA Storage)

2. Must be running similar utilization and same or greater I/O bandwidth and physical memory on comparable machines (HP DL380 Gen 9, Dell R730, Cisco UCS 240 M4, Lenovo x3650)
3. Guaranteed 1.8x or 2x price-performance advantage are subject to the terms and conditions of IBM's 2017 Open Source Database Performance Per Price Guarantee Program. IBM will provide additional performance optimization and tuning services consistent with IBM Best Practices, at no charge. If unable to reach guaranteed level of price-performance compared to HP DL380 Gen 9, Dell R730, Cisco UCS 240 M4, Lenovo x3650, IBM will provide additional equally configured systems to those already purchased to reach the guaranteed level of price-performance.