Equinix, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of dedicated, private access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure — Oracle's next-generation IaaS offering — via the Equinix Cloud Exchange™. This direct access enables enterprise customers to migrate applications and data to Oracle Cloud in a high-performance, low latency manner for optimal user experience. This announcement builds on previous collaborations between Equinix and Oracle to offer direct access to Oracle's full suite of cloud services — both PaaS and SaaS solutions — in multiple markets around the globe. Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will initially be available via Oracle Cloud Network Service – FastConnect in the Equinix Washington, D.C., International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center, with additional markets expected throughout the year.

Cloud deployments are continually on the rise within the enterprise. Yet, traditionally, enterprise customers with large database workloads have not had a viable way to migrate data and applications easily from their on-premises infrastructure into the cloud. Now, through Equinix Cloud Exchange and its API integration with FastConnect, customers can establish direct connectivity between their on-premises infrastructure and Oracle Cloud environments. This enables them to fully realize the benefits of hybrid cloud — moving application, middleware and database workloads seamlessly between on-premises and Oracle Cloud — with a reliable, low latency, production-ready experience.

Whether a customer is looking to incorporate direct connection to Oracle as part of a broader interconnection strategy, or specifically needing to migrate data-heavy applications to the cloud, connection to Oracle Cloud inside Equinix is an ideal solution for many enterprise users. Specific examples of ideal hybrid deployments include:

Customers looking to migrate and host complex, multi-tier solutions in the cloud while minimizing production downtime can work with Equinix and Oracle to extend their network and communicate with the Oracle Cloud over a high-speed connection inside the Equinix data center.

Customers needing to perform analytics on large data sets residing in Oracle databases can host their Oracle technology solutions on-premises inside Equinix and, with FastConnect on Equinix Cloud Exchange, extend their existing network directly into the Oracle Cloud, removing data size limits and providing lower latency, higher throughput and network-level security protection — all in a highly scalable solution. This is ideal for data privacy, regulatory compliance and data sovereignty scenarios.

Customers looking to consolidate databases into Oracle Exadata Cloud Service yet have little or no capacity in their current data center can place their Oracle Exadata Cloud Service racks inside Equinix and directly connect to Oracle cloud for high availability, disaster recovery and backup.

"As more and more enterprise CIOs deploy interconnection oriented architectures, direct connections like these are critical to their success. The ability to connect directly to Oracle is an essential strategy for CIOs as they deploy workloads to the cloud edge, closer to users and adjacent to related cloud services. Oracle's common cloud architecture allows customers the choice to leverage Oracle cloud, deploy customer-owned assets inside Equinix, or enable a hybrid solution utilizing both. Offering direct connectivity to Oracle from Platform Equinix is another key step in helping CIOs who are seeking to capture the tremendous benefits of hybrid cloud as the IT architecture of choice. We look forward to ongoing collaborations with Oracle, bringing this solution to Equinix data centers across the globe," said Charles Meyers, chief operating officer.

Oracle Cloud delivers nearly 1,000 SaaS applications and 50 enterprise-class PaaS and IaaS services to customers in more than 195 countries around the world, and supports 55 billion transactions each day. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is also part of the fast growing sector of cloud computing. According to a recent Gartner report the highest cloud growth is expected to come from IaaS, with a growth of 38.4% in 2016.

"Cloud is the fastest growing part of Oracle's business. Customers require seamless connectivity from their data centers and networks to Oracle Cloud for their most demanding workloads and applications. This relationship will help our customers leveraging the Oracle Cloud, execute on their business strategies by taking advantage of the Equinix Cloud Exchange for optimal user experience," said Thomas Kurian, president of product development, Oracle.

Oracle and Equinix have long-standing relationship, and Equinix was recently recognized as Oracle World Wide Gold Level Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). Oracle FastConnect, providing private access to Oracle Cloud on Equinix Cloud Exchange is scheduled to be available in six markets globally – Washington, D.C., Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Sydney and others by the end of 2017.