Global Capacity has announced the expansion of seven One Marketplace™ Points of Presence (PoPs) in its extensive North American network, including six Ethernet local access aggregation points and three high performance Ethernet Backbone points purposely built for the most demanding Cloud, Over-the-Top applications, and data services. The locations now Ethernet-enabled include Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA, Minneapolis, MN, and three new PoPs in Boston, MA, Kansas City, MO, and Vienna, VA. The locations added to the high performance Ethernet backbone include Kansas City, MO, Minneapolis, MN and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

These high-demand, key aggregation points enable delivery of diverse route options, competitive pricing and a broad selection of network access services to One Marketplace customers. Ethernet is the technology of choice for SD-WAN, Hybrid WAN, and Cloud Connectivity solutions. The popularity of these enterprise services drives Global Capacity’s continued expansion and investment. The company’s investment in expanding its backbone PoPs and enabling greater Ethernet access is a testament to Global Capacity’s commitment to deliver ubiquitous coverage, flexible access options, and simplified service activation and management to both enterprise and service provider customers.

“Last year, Global Capacity achieved 37% growth in installed Ethernet revenue driven by cloud and data center connectivity, and the higher traffic needs of today’s data-driven society,” comments Jack Lodge, president of Global Capacity. “Global Capacity will continue to invest in the One Marketplace network in ways that will connect business locations in more markets to key destinations, over greater bandwidth and high performance Ethernet.”

Global Capacity’s award-winning marketplace of networks, One Marketplace, eliminates the complexity and inefficiency of the network market by delivering unprecedented transparency, efficiency and simplicity to the complex and highly fragmented data connectivity market. By combining intelligent information analytics and service automation through a suite of customer and supplier applications, along with network delivery, One Marketplace streamlines the process of designing, pricing, buying, delivering, and managing data connectivity solutions.