WPS Office Software has announced that it has expanded WPS Office with WPS Cloud, enabling users to work faster, more flexibly, and more productively with added storage, file roaming, and sharing capabilities.

In a report by Allied Research, cloud adoption continues to soar, with the personal cloud market in particular expected to reach $89.9 billion, globally, by 2020. In line with this trend, WPS Cloud is designed to work with WPS Office as a companion, offering users the benefits of cloud computing such as flexibility and collaboration.

WPS Cloud is a complete document storage and management service, enabling users to view and edit files anywhere at anytime. Automatic backup and link sharing tools promote collaborating in real time, across multiple devices and platforms. Files are protected from loss with enterprise-level data security and multiple backups.

Users can access files either directly from within WPS Office, or through the WPS Cloud web portal. Specific features include:

  • Free storage space: Users receive 1GB of free storage space on WPS Cloud, where they can store files and rich media.

  • File roaming and cross device support: File roaming allows users to open or create documents in WPS Office, which are then automatically saved to WPS Cloud. Recent files are shown and may be accessed across all connected devices including Windows PCs, Android or iOS mobile devices, or through a web browser.

  • Easy one-click file sharing: Once a document is uploaded to WPS Cloud, the user can create a unique URL that can be shared with anyone to view and download the file.

"Users are increasingly adopting and using apps and documents in the cloud, and growing accustomed to accessing content across devices regardless of their environment," said Cole Armstrong, senior director of marketing, WPS Office Software. "More and more, they want equal access to office software whether on a mobile device or traditional PC. We're pleased to offer WPS Cloud to address this trend as we continue to look for ways to improve our users' computing experience and productivity."

WPS Office is a full Office Software Suite for desktop and mobile devices that provides a high performing, yet considerably more affordable solution to con/prosumers and a preferred alternative to Microsoft Office. Users prefer WPS Office over software like Microsoft Office, citing that WPS is more reliable, efficient and faster. Unique features enable users to create, view, edit, store and share documents for greater productivity from their office software. WPS Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets and PDF Reader/Converter are fully compatible with other office software solutions, and the ideal FREE office software alternative for Microsoft Office users whose trials have ended.