TELEHOUSE has announced the launch of Telehouse Cloud Link in the United States. Currently available in the EMEA region, Telehouse Cloud Link is a multi-cloud connectivity exchange that allows enterprises to manage access to multiple cloud services through a single, secure and dedicated private connection.

Telehouse Cloud Link helps customers simplify their hybrid cloud infrastructure and accelerate data transfer between their network and cloud services by establishing direct, private connections to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, as well as network on-demand including TELEHOUSE’s own NYIIX and LAIIX.

According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, cloud data center traffic associated with cloud consumer and business applications is growing at 30% CAGR, and global cloud IP traffic is expected to account for more than 92% of total data center traffic by 2020.  As an increasing number of enterprises utilize cloud services to perform business-critical operations, data centers must enable fast and cost-effective access to key CSPs.

“Cloud computing has become a necessary requirement for many of today’s enterprises,” explains Aki Yamaguchi, COO, Telehouse America.  “After its success in Europe, we’re very excited about the launch of Telehouse Cloud Link in the U.S., as it enables fast, easy and secure cloud connectivity for all of our customers.”