IndependenceIT has highlighted a new 451 Research report on the company’s flagship software platform, Cloud Workspace® Suite (CWS) 5.1. The research report, titled, “IndependenceIT Aims to Ease Deployment for Microsoft CSP Partners with CWS 5.1,” provides an overview of new CWS features and points out the company’s strength in multi-platform App and WaaS automation and workflow.

CWS 5.1 provides automation and workflow for the purpose of simplifying administrative tasks from infrastructure management to end-user support. The cloud enablement and management platform combines application, end-user, and infrastructure oversight into a seamless, easy-to-manage platform with a unified control interface and robust API for ease of integration with existing systems, minimizing deployment time and controlling data center costs. The company recently discussed the solution with 451 Research and provided an overview of the software. This has resulted in a new report.

According to the report by 451 Research, “IndependenceIT has been on a mission to focus its development efforts on ease of use and manageability. A new UI that comprises a specific dropdown menu (for services/functions), color themes and icon graphics has been available since the release of CWS v.5.0. Instead of competing with other VDI and cloud platforms, the company has carved out a niche by facilitating workflow orchestration across multiple VDI and cloud environments. As it sees growing interest in Microsoft Azure, IndependenceIT has deepened its support for Microsoft ARM — a self-provisioning cloud portal for Azure (public cloud) and Azure Stack (private cloud) — in the latest version.”

“For system administrators, IndependenceIT has further invested in driving greater automation by creating an additional layer that enables system administrators to trigger the cloud workspace interface to perform a number of automated tasks such as server execution and application installation using scripting, rather than an API. The company notes that this can significantly speed deployments and reduce overhead costs, and points to the fact that not many system administrators can support full-blown development using an API,” said the report.

“IndependenceIT remains focused on demonstrating its strength in platform automation while being nimble when it comes to aligning its platform capabilities with partner requirements,” said Agatha Poon, research director, 451 Research. “With the availability of CWS 5.1, the company has enhanced the usability and manageability of the software when deployed on Azure cloud services using Azure Resource Manager (ARM). This should be a welcome call for Microsoft CSP partners.”

“With CWS 5.1, we are dedicated to driving greater automation for IT solution providers in order to streamline IT lifecycle management,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. “Many of the world’s leading IT service providers recognize these advantages and put them to work for their organizations. We appreciate the recent analysis performed by 451 Research on our latest generation software which showcases our efforts to help partners deliver best-in-class cloud based solutions.”