CloudPhysics has announced that it has expanded its suite of Cloud Cost Calculators to include the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). CloudPhysics Cost Calculators use customized analytics to deliver sophisticated, accurate insights that help customers plan and design their hybrid cloud architecture and migration strategies.

Like others in its suite of Cost Calculators, the CloudPhysics Cost Calculator for GCP allows customers to intelligently rightsize by mapping each VM's actual consumption of compute and storage resources to its ideal GCP instance. This exercise assures customers that each cloud instance best fits the actual usage requirements for each workload, with no waste. Because many VMs are overprovisioned with resources, rightsizing helps a customer provision cost-effectively and save on costs per workload, whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

"Selecting a public cloud is hard. Each cloud offering has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on an organization's specific needs. Plus, even when a public cloud has been selected, configuring it most cost-effectively can be even more complex," said Chris Schin, chief product officer at CloudPhysics. "CloudPhysics' sophisticated data lake and analytics platform can instantly discover the right path for any organization working through this complexity."

Along with support for AWS, Azure, vCloud Air, and now GCP, the CloudPhysics suite of Cost Calculators also includes a Cost Calculator for On-Premises IT, allowing organizations to benchmark their current infrastructure costs against any of the support options for public cloud.