SolarWinds has revealed its latest capabilities for end-to-end hybrid IT management through key updates to its modular and scalable SolarWinds® Orion® platform and related products. With these updates, SolarWinds enables complete cloud visibility along with deep on-premises monitoring and a new, dynamic drag-and-drop dashboard to visualize infrastructure and application relationships. These new features help IT professionals monitor, troubleshoot, and improve hybrid IT performance with a simplicity like never before.

“For all of its benefits, the nearly universal shift to a hybrid IT strategy that links internal and external IT services can lead to complex, multi-faceted performance issues that span across systems and networks owned by an organization, their service providers, and their cloud vendors,” said Christoph Pfister, executive vice president, products, SolarWinds. “As a result, IT professionals need comprehensive visibility into every aspect of their hybrid environments that may impact application performance. They then need a way to correlate that data so they can break down the walls between functional roles, service providers, and cloud vendors; eliminate finger pointing; and solve hybrid performance problems faster. Today’s SolarWinds Orion platform and product enhancements enable just that: end-to-end hybrid IT management.”

End-to-End Hybrid IT Management from SolarWinds

According to the SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2016: The Hybrid IT Evolution, a mere 9% percent of organizations have not migrated any infrastructure or applications to the cloud, yet 60 percent stated they will likely never transition all services offsite, making hybrid IT the reality for IT departments today and for the foreseeable future. The survey also found that, while the cloud is key to business success, the challenges of hybrid IT environments are many. Increased management complexity brought on by combining cloud and on-premises services, along with a lack of control over and visibility into cloud services, ranked among the most prevalent issues faced by IT professionals.

To help overcome these challenges, the SolarWinds Orion platform enables unified monitoring and management of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT services. This is accomplished through products such as SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM), which provides deep visibility into the performance of business-critical applications and the infrastructure that supports them on-premises and in the cloud; SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), which provides comprehensive network performance monitoring with the NetPath™ feature for critical path visualization on-premises and in the cloud; and SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), which features unique Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis™ across on-premises and cloud database environments.