Corero Network Security has announced that Atomic Data has selected the Corero SmartWall® Network Threat Defense (TDS) solution to protect its own network and its tenant networks from DDoS attacks.

Atomic Data provides data centers, hosting services, Atomic Cloud® technology and 24x7 managed IT service and support. “We were driven to seek out a DDoS mitigation solution due to the increasing severity and frequency of DDoS attacks against our hosted client base. DDoS attacks can create service interruptions for customers and create unpredictable work efforts for the engineers tasked with resolving them.” said Larry Patterson, chief technology officer and co-founder, Atomic Data.

Previously, Atomic Data used manual techniques for dealing with DDoS attacks.  After an attack was identified using network flow monitoring technology, upstream null routing required network engineers and architects to intervene. This approach resulted in slow and ineffective problem resolution for mitigating the attacks. Thus, Atomic Data felt compelled to find a DDoS solution that was not only more effective, but also more scalable and affordable.

Atomic Data selected the Corero SmartWall TDS as its dedicated real-time DDoS mitigation solution because it delivers a granular level of protection, and the product is flexible, affordable and scalable, with an easy-to-understand user interface. The Corero solution features attack dashboards for Atomic Data and their tenants. Atomic Data can assign subscriber/tenant service levels, and distribute reporting and analytics to tenants so they can see the value of the protection they are receiving.

“The key benefit of the Corero solution is that it automatically mitigates DDoS attack traffic, and surgically removes it at the network edge, before it can be impactful to our customers. We not only keep our networks clean of attack traffic, but our network engineering team now has more time to dedicate to servicing other customer needs and scaling our network to accommodate business growth,” added Patterson.

“One emerging trend is that enterprise customers are increasingly calling on their service providers to assist them in defeating DDoS attacks, and they are eager to adopt service-based DDoS mitigation from their native providers,” said Stephanie Weagle, vice president at Corero. “Hence, Corero’s real-time mitigation capabilities set Atomic Data apart from their competition when it comes to protection against damaging DDoS attacks, adds Weagle.”

 “Because we can offer DDoS protection as a standard service with all Atomic Cloud® instances, we now have a competitive advantage in the cloud marketplace,” said Patterson.