Pythian has announced that it has achieved the newly announced Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Data Analytics. The new Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program is designed to connect customers to qualified partners with demonstrated technical proficiency and proven project success in areas including Data Analytics, Application Development, Infrastructure and Machine Learning.

Pythian was awarded the Google Cloud Platform Partner Specialization in Data Analytics due to its expertise in data ingestion, preparation, storage and analysis including BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Datalab, and Cloud Pub/Sub. The Specialization was awarded following Google’s assessment of Pythian’s data services, solutions, methodologies and architectural frameworks, as well as its experience using Google solutions to help customers get more from their data.

“Pythian specializes in designing, implementing and managing systems that contribute directly to revenue growth and business success,” said Alex Gorbachev, chief digital officer, Pythian. “Having achieved the Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Data Analytics is evidence of our commitment to delivering reliable, scalable data solutions that suit our customers’ unique needs and requirements.”

Recently, using Google BigQuery data warehouse service, Pythian helped a global retail chain with more than 2,500 stores worldwide better analyze store capacity and traffic patterns to improve merchandise and store layout.